Le Garage

Le Garage is a culinary new-comer on Faial.

One of the reasons we started Le Garage is because we love to share our passion for healthy, good food with you!

As much as possible we use home made ingredients, from freshly baked bread loaves to stock that has slow-cooked for hours to home-made pasta. And when in season we will use home grown vegetables. In case of allergies we can alter the meal and most of our food is vegetarian friendly or can be adjusted to make it so.

At Le Garage you can expect to be served an international cuisine with Mediterranean flavours. Usually we reveal the main protein to our diners; the rest of the menu will be a surprise!

Le Garage hosts private dinners every three weeks on a Saturday evening for a maximum of six people.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you at Le Garage!

Private Dining

Please find below our schedule of upcoming dinners and a record of our past dinners.

Upcoming Dinners

At the moment we have not scheduled any dinners. You can contact us for a private dinner for up to 8 people.

Past Dinners

June 3rd · Opening Night Le Garage private dining club

June 7th · privately booked pizza night

June 17th · private dining club

July 1st · private dining club

July 15th · Chef's table (private booking)

July 29th · private dining club

August 12th · private dining club

September 2nd · Chef's table (private booking)

September 23rd · private dining club


To book a private dinner at Le Garage or to have our team cooking at your home, you can shoot us an email or call us to make an appointment for a meeting.

Artisan Bread

At Le Garage Private Dining Club it is also possible to order artisan bread.

We currently offer 3 different breads:

  • white round herbal bread
  • whole-wheat rolls with seeds
  • raisin bread

The breads can be ordered in fixed quantities, each for a contribution of € 5. The white round herbal bread is 1 bread per order, there are 6 whole-wheat rolls with seeds in 1 order and 8 raisin breads in 1 order. Orders can be placed via email only.